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Our capable team will come to you! Experts in carpet cleaning, stain removal, and carpet dyeing. Carpet Magic–Carpet Dyeing, Cleaning & Restoration is a small, independently-owned and operated business. We have more than 20 years of industry experience serving residential and commercial property customers in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s in your home or RV, we can beat the stains and spots that other cleaning companies cannot!

Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal

Carpet Magic–Carpet Dyeing, Cleaning & Restoration can professionally clean your carpets, upholstery, RV interior, high-traffic areas, as well as de-odourize pet stains and repair small burns in your carpeting.

Stubborn stains? No problem! Our team will skillfully remove red or dark-coloured stains from juice and wine as well as pets. We take care of the stains those other carpet cleaners can’t, through our use of professional-grade cleaning products.

Carpet Spot Dyeing and Colour Matching

Spilled bleach on your favourite rug? Don’t worry, we can repair it! Specialized spot dyeing is a service our competitors don’t offer. And, if you’re wondering if our dyes last or come out in the next wash — they will absolutely stay! Spot dyes dry within hours, but the damp area can be walked on without the dyes tracking off. Don’t worry if the colour needs slight adjustments, we will be happy to come back to do a touch-up.

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Carpet Magic–Carpet Dyeing, Cleaning & Restoration is fully insured and registered with the Workers Compensation Board.


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