Repair Bleached Spots in Carpet with Our Winnipeg Team

Proving what has been done can be undone, Carpet Magic–Carpet Dyeing, Cleaning & Restoration offers bleach spot reversals for carpets and rugs throughout the Winnipeg area. Bleaching can happen innocently enough, whether it’s from a pet stain, chlorine, bleach, a cleaning product or even acne medication. But, as you most likely know, bleach spots simply cannot be washed out; they must be dyed to match the surrounding carpet fibres. That’s where our team comes in.


Reversing Bleach Spots in Carpet

First, we neutralize the bleached area so there is no potential for the bleach to augment the dyes we apply to your carpet. Next, we assess the carpet colours to perfectly match the colour of your carpet. This second step can take quite a while, but we want to be certain we have the right colour before we apply the dyes to your carpet. Getting the colour right is crucial since our dyes are permanent and are nearly impossible to adjust if the colour is too far off. After the carpet has been dyed, it will be slightly damp, but can be walked on in just a short amount of time.


Unlike many dyeing solutions out there, a majority of our products are eco-friendly.

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